ESG policy

Environment • Society • Governance

Our property business is subject to multiple standards and regulations that minimize the effects of buildings and their management on the environment.

Victoires Haussmann SGP is an investor with firm convictions that promotes strong societal and environmental values through property investment. We combine value creation and sustainable development by preparing our position in anticipation of the ecological transition and in collaboration with all stakeholders. As a company with a mission and signatory of the United Nations responsible investment charter (PRI), we invest in the long-term to meet the challenges of future cities.

Our goal is to optimize the financial performance of our investments by incorporating certain selected ESG criteria in our investment decisions and in the management of property assets to prevent all risk of asset obsolescence or value loss, non-compliance with regulations or mismatching with regard to user and tenant demands.

Whenever possible, we consider ESG criteria and challenges in both investment decisions and portfolio management activities by raising our teams’ awareness of these criteria, sharing these ESG principles with certain partners, and finally by encouraging the companies held in portfolios to commit to or improve their own initiatives regarding compliance with ESG criteria.

Societal policy

The company’s social policy is based on respect of all the company’s stakeholders (respect of employees, quality of employer-employee relations, promotion of diversity, workplace safety, quality of relations between the company and our customers and suppliers, etc.)

Internally, Victoires Haussmann SGP encourages and strives to motivate its employees, notably through skills development via training.

The well-being of our employees is one of the priorities of the Constructa group.

We also participate in various events and fund charity associations.

Environmental policy

The environmental aspect comprises waste management, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and prevention of environmental risks.

The company aims to reduce its carbon footprint by implementing an internal environmental policy.



The employees and directors of Victoires Haussmann SGP have all read, understood and accepted the terms of the OPCI (ASPIM/AFG) deontological rules, approved by the AMF Board.
Victoires Haussmann SGP has put in place internal procedures (management of conflicts of interest, customer relations, supplier relations, etc.) in compliance with the main topics of the OPCI deontological rules.


Victoires Haussmann SGP is the management company of the Constructa group and is certified by the French financial market authority, AMF, under the so-called “AIFM” directive 2011/61.
As a management company certified by AMF, the activities of Victoires Haussmann SGP come under the general rules of AMF and the French monetary and financial code defining the protection of the interests of investors of managed funds and the independence of investment decisions.
Victoires Haussmann SGP also applies the legal and regulatory provisions concerning the prevention, management and elimination of risks of conflicts of interests.


Victoires Haussmann SGP has an organization, internal procedures and tools to guarantee the identification and verification of its customers, detection of unusual operations and reporting of suspicious transactions.
All personnel and new recruits receive regular training on the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing.


Compliance and internal control actions are carried out in-house, supervised by a Manager of Compliance and Internal Control.